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Layouts/Design below includes all features from DEMO, Core WordPress & Theme Installation

Smart Business
Smart Business$199
view demo
Move The World
Move The World$199
view demo
Through the Lens
Through the Lens$199
view demo
Colors of Life
Colors of Life$199
view demo
Solar Wind
Solar Wind$199
view demo
Mykonos Resort
Mykonos Resort$199
view demo
view demo
Mega Business
Mega Business$199
view demo
view demo
view demo
view demo
view demo
Layout: NRG
view demo
The Spreaker
The Spreaker$199
view demo
Papyrus Curved
Papyrus Curved$199
view demo
The Spreaker (1)
The Spreaker$199
view demo
view demo
Layout: Top Clean
Top Clean$199
view demo
Layout: Garage
view demo
Layout: Cleaning
view demo
Layout: Rosa
view demo
Layout: Music Hub
Music Hub$199
view demo
Layout: Music Geek
Music Geek$199
view demo
Layout: Hair Expert
Hair Expert$199
view demo
Layout: Hair Salon
Hair Salon$199
view demo
Layout: Lone Warrior
Lone Warrior$199
view demo
Layout: Lora
view demo
view demo
view demo
Layout: Wood-Craftsman
view demo
view demo
Painter & Decorator
Painter & Decorator$199
view demo
Kitchen & Bathroom
Kitchen & Bathroom$199
view demo
view demo
view demo
Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner$199
view demo
view demo
view demo
Helping Hand
Helping Hand$199
view demo
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Web Development Features

Your selected design includes following checked features that can add & remove. NOTE: (★) feature has page included.

Icons: Facebook, Twitter, LInkedIn,
Google-Plus, Vine, Instagram, Flickr,
Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vk.
New Page: No

Gather email addresses of your users whom
are interested in receiving updates from you.
Use a functional newsletter with a built-in
self-hosted system or through Mailchimp’s
newsletter server.

A contact form (e.g. on contact page)
with the capability to send contact
data to multiple recipients and save
the data in your database (back-end).

Create your own custom Google map with
high quality markers containing categories,
descriptions, images and links. Google maps
is usually preferred on the contact page,
but can be placed anywhere. It can show
your users/clients where you are based and
adds that little extra to your contact page.

Track your website activity, number of
visitors by country, city, browser, device
and more. It’s also possible to track your
bounce rates and on-site actions in order
to improve sales and other things.
We highly recommend this feature.

Publish posts featuring text, images
and videos. Use it as an online diary,
brand advertising or for other purposes.
The blog feature is an excellent way to
communicate with your users/customers.

Google Calendar allows you to display
previous, current and upcoming events,
notes, meeting schedules and more.
The lay-out can be shown in lists or grids
in any of your posts or pages.

Show your sponsors anywhere you
like on your website. Have it shown
fixed or in sliding-mode with a timer.

Have your users login with their
Facebook account and leave a
comment on your posts.

Add a maximum of 3 Albums and
up to 10 images in each album.

Stream up to 5 videos from Youtube or Vimeo.

Show events and posts from your
Facebook feed with name, date/time,
location and description. All feed
content is crawlable by search engines
adding SEO value. Show or hide the
Facebook profile picture and name
of the author above each post.
Add a like button wherever you like.

Integrate all Twitter features and
functionalities on your website.
Add previews to your tweets, track
your contents popularity with Twitter
Analytics, embed tweets and videos,
add a tweet and follow button and so
much more.

Integrate all images form your Flickr
to your website as a photo gallery.
Show your pictures as a slideshow,
sort them by date, title or description,
and much more features.

Chat System for your members in
public or private chat rooms. Let
your members chat with each other.
Non-members can be excluded to
participate. Several moderation and
chat control features are included.

Show a responsive coming soon
page to your visitors while your
website is under construction.

Add a maximum of 10 products with
unlimited sale, shipping terms,
product gallery, product detail &
specifications, reviews and ratings.
*Notice that an online payment
system (automated payment) is not included, only bank account information will be included.

Add a maximum of 50 products with
unlimited sale, shipping terms, price filter,
tracking system, product gallery, product
detail &specifications, reviews and ratings.
*Paypal integration included.

Allow members to register on your
website. Multiple level memberships
with different access permission.
Show or hide features/pages/post for
specified membership levels.
Turn your website into a community!

Place advertisement images/text on
your website which you can control
from your back-end. Show the same
or random ads at the same or different
advertisement positions. Analyse and
keep track of individual advertisement
views & clicks per day/week/month basis.

Show customer testimonials to your visitors
with this responsive plugin. Show them in
fixed or sliding mode with images, text
and/or videos. Add nice transition effects
with this fully responsive feature.

Add a donation form to collect funds
from your visitors. Set a fix amount or
have your visitors decide the amount
they wish to donate.
*To make this feature work fully,
a payment system is required.

Integrate your PayPal account and receive
payments for your E-Commerce sales,
membership sales or donations.

Add a responsively rotating slider with fixed
or layer based images. You have the ability
to synchronise the images to make the slider
size fit any screen size, including mobile.

A dynamic and responsive digital newspaper
which lets your visitors read news as if they
are reading from a real magazine/newspaper.
Its advanced features allow you to turn over
the page, make it full-screen, zoom in/out etc.
From the back-end you will the ability to add
text and images.

Add a RSS feed of your blog, posts
or display third party website blogs
on your website.

Search for any website content
through the search bar. It can
be a handy feature when there is
much content on your website.

Let your visitors login in to your website
with their Facebook, Twitter and other
social media accounts. It’s a fast & secure
way to have your visitors engage with
some features of your website e.g. posts.

Booking or appointment form help you to collect/confirm booking or appointment schedule.

Frequently Asked Question.

Instagram Feed.

Resources & Downloads.

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$ 45/Page

6-20 Pages


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Extra Large

$ 40/Page

21-50 Pages


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- 51 Pages +


$ 30/Page

51+ Pages


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Extra Addons

Secure your login system,
file & folder directory permission,
block spam, IP’s and much more.
We highly recommend this feature.

Custom Logo design, get
Professional logo designed based
on your concept for your
company with 3 revisions included.

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